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Логотип компании Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics

от 100 до 500 человек


Grid Dynamics is a new kind of technology service company focusing on the eCommerce industry. We offer technology solutions for next-generation eCommerce systems, particularly in the areas of core transaction processing, product search engines, personalization platforms, continuous delivery and private clouds. We render services in building scalable and high performance systems as well. We help customers such as Cisco, PayPal, eBay, Macy’s, ING and Microsoft create systems and products that handle exceptional peak loads, scale on demand and always stay up. Using the latest advances in grid and cloud computing we turn monolithic software into scalable services and static, underutilized server farms into virtualized compute clouds. The results: better performance, higher availability, faster time-to-market and much lower operational costs. Grid Dynamics was founded in 2006 and currently has five geographical locations: USA - California, Silicon Valley; Russia: St.Petersburg, Saratov, Moscow; Ukraine - Kharkov. Our tech team consists of over 200 software engineers and scientists who like tackling difficult problems, find new ways in dealing with complicated technology issues, influence technological and economical aspects of large US businesses success. Many of our engineers possess doctorate degrees and awards from International competitions such as TopCoder and the ACM World Championships. We value talent, professionalism, eagerness and ability to dig into the problem and find the most efficient solution. Collaboration is one of the key components for our success within the company and clients, so we foster teamwork a lot. We wait for experts who strive to move forward in a dynamic high tech environment and to work on bleeding-edge projects.

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